Discussing the response, Poynter's McBride said, "It's pretty clear that when someone says, 'We should kill this person; someone should rape this person,' it is clear that there is a type of sarcasm that is only understood by the Internet crowd."


Moody tweets

Katie Moody's Twitter page after she privatized her account is filled with apologies and commentary.

•"In the heat of me being upset about NE, I made a horrible joke about Smith's bro and became the most hated person on the web."

•"I apologized and meant it...I just can't control if people think I'm really sorry."

•"Well, I'm currently getting death threats and people posting my home address."

•"I feel like Cady from 'Mean Girls' when she walks into the gymnasium and she knows everyone there is staring and hates her."

•"Cyber Bullying is a new hobby, I guess. :)"

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