Video: The cutest participant in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Torrey Smith's 5-month-old son

By now, you've probably seen all sorts of celebrities take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, the social media stunt that has raised more than $20 million for ALS research.

Adam Jones did it. So did LeBron James. Lady Gaga. Even Laura Bush dumped a bucket of ice water on George Bush's head.

But little Torrey Jeremiah "T.J." Smith has just become the cutest-ever participant in the challenge. Although he didn't get doused in ice water, just a little bath water.

The son of Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith (who did the challenge himself) and wife, Chanel, blinks and looks confused, but the five-month old doesn't cry. What a trooper.

If you'd like to donate to research on ALS, a debilitating and terminal disease, click here.

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