New man in Stacy Keibler's life?

The Baltimore Sun

UPDATE:  On Sept. 30, Stacy Keibler posted an Instagram photo of herself with tech millionaire Jared Pobre in Paris. The caption reads: "Love being in the city of love! @jaredpobre." We're not so in love with Pobre's New York Yankees hat in the snapshot. Our hometown girl needs to get her man some Baltimore gear.


Thank goodness the poor girl didn't have to fly solo for too long.

Life & Style Weekly reports that there's a new man in the life of Stacy Keibler: millionaire Jared Pobre.

"...It's pretty serious," an unnamed "pal" is quoted as saying. "She was in Europe with him and all over Italy a couple of weeks ago." (You can read the Life & Style Weekly story here)

As for former boyfriend George Clooney? Well, he was recently seen touring the canals of Venice by boat, with pal (and co-star of the upcoming film "Gravity") Sandra Bullock one boat behind, according to the Daily Mail.

And earlier this month, reported that Clooney's buds, including Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, were furious that he had split with Keibler, calling him "an idiot." (Read that story here.)

So nice to see the wheels of romance continuing to turn ...


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