Roswell Encina of Pratt Library to join Carla Hayden at Library of Congress as senior adviser

Pratt Library's Roswell Encina heads to the Library of Congress.

After nearly 10 years as the director of communications at the Enoch Pratt Library, Roswell Encina has declared today his last day. Tuesday, he will begin his new position as a senior adviser at the Library of Congress.

Encina, 46, will join former Pratt Library CEO Carla Hayden, who was appointed as the librarian of Congress in July. She will be sworn-in on Sept. 14 by Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts Jr. 

“I’m very fortunate and honored that Dr. Hayden has chosen me,” Encina said. “It’s bittersweet. It’s a lot of exciting and sad emotions going on through one day.”

A spokeswoman for the Library of Congress confirmed Encina's new post in an email Friday.

It's his biggest change within the past decade. In 2007, after about 13 years of TV reporting in Salisbury, Birmingham, Ala., and Memphis, Tenn., Encina traded in his microphone to work at the Pratt, where he supported some of the library's largest programming and events, including Pratt Contemporaries' Black and White Party proving that "there's more to Pratt than just books."

“I’ve met some very talented people that are more than just coworkers that have become lifelong friends,” he said. “I hope people continue to support the Pratt, not only programming-wise, but keeping up the passion for it.”

And though he’s starting a new position, Encina insists he won’t be too far away. He’ll be commuting to D.C. every day from his Canton home.

“It’s been amazing. … I just feel such an honor to be a part of a Baltimore landmark and a well-loved institution, and I’m so happy to say that I [was] a part of it,” he said.

“There’s really no ‘goodbye.’ It’s just ‘see ya soon!’”

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