Ravens' Ronnie Stanley and his 'not-so-adoptable' dog from BARCS to be featured on Animal Planet

Watch an Animal Planet clip of Ravens player Ronnie Stanley and his adopted dog Lola.

Ravens offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley — and his adopted dog Lola — will be featured on Animal Planet’s “Stars to the Rescue,” which airs 8 p.m. Saturday. A clip from the episode can be seen above.

Stanley gained support from pet lovers in June when the 22-year-old and his girlfriend went to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter to add a new member to their family. They specifically asked for a “not-so-adoptable” dog.

“To be able to help a dog in need, I always had planned on doing,” Stanley says in the episode. “Some of my teammates, I told them I was looking to adopt a dog and BARCS was the place they suggested.”

Stanley said he chose the retriever-terrier mix, then age 6 and named Winter, because he “knew this pet would probably have a pretty hard time getting adopted.” The pet was “not a very good-looking dog per se,” according to Stanley. The dog had a “long, hanging belly,” according to BARCS, a likely result of overbreeding.

“He was just smiling at her,” BARCS manager Heidi Kreitzburg says in the episode of Stanley’s first meeting with Lola. “She goes straight to him, he hunkers down [and] she gives him a big, wet kiss.”

After bringing Lola home, Stanley enrolled her in a week of training at Baltimore’s Downtown Dog to help ease the transition.

“She has pretty bad separation anxiety,” Stanley said in June. “She’s an angel when I’m around, or even someone’s around, but when you leave, she claws up the door. … She’s a loving animal. She just wants to be loved.” 



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