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Ravens. Steelers. The re-match. The movie trailer.

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As if the rivalry between Baltimore and Pittsburgh needed to be ratcheted up a few notches, the NFL is ratcheting away -- months before football season even starts.

The football league has just released an intense, movie-style trailer for the November rematch between the Steelers and the Ravens as if the game is the season's cinematic blockbuster.

Like any trailer worth its salt, the short film starts with the rating: "The following preview has been approved for all football fans by the national football league," is how it begins.

Then comes the thudding percussion that might accompany a mega action flick. And the screen fills with the words: "Coming this fall, a decade old rivalry will reach a boiling point."

We hear a voice say, "Sometimes when you're fighting a bullet, you gotta just hit 'em in the mouth." And we see Ray Lewis with his eyes squeezed shut, thumping his chest and screaming what looks to be something primal.

Next comes a montage of brutal hits, hysterical play calls, more teeth-gnashing by Lewis.

"Witness the NFL's most intense, vicious passionate rivalry," the trailer type tells us as another voice says, "They don't like us and we damn for sure don't like them."

It ends with the words, "Boiling point." And then, "11-18-12."

All told, it's just over a minute long. And if it doesn't get you excited for the game -- even more excited than you already are -- you're a cold, dead nacho left over from last season, or perhaps a warm, flat beer.

And as one would expect in any great rivalry, viewers are already bickering over which team got more air time in the trailer.

According to commentors, the trailer was slanted in favor of Baltimore.

See it for yourself here.


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