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Ed Reed shows his falsetto karaoke side

Ed Reed had plenty of Christmas spirit this year, judging by a video of him singing “Silent Night” that was posted this month.

The clip was reportedly made Dec. 2, during a karaoke party just hours after the Ravens were defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers, 23-20. The video shows the Ravens safety and likely NFL Hall-of-Famer dressed in a three-piece suit and showing off a sometimes-shaky falsetto. Among the pack of fellow singers is tackle Bryant McKinnie, providing backup, moral support and a giant, striped cardigan. 

Clearly, both the Ravens players and everyone else in the bar, identified as Supano’s Steakhouse downtown (“Supano’s knows how to throw a party,” one poster comments unnecessarily), are having a fine time.

Check it out and ponder one question for yourself:

“How much better would these guys have sounded if the Ravens had won?”

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