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Baltimore officer who rescued pit bull receives a year of free food

Baltimore Police officer Dan Waskiewicz responded to a call for a "vicious dog" last year and fell in love. 

The dog, a pit bull, had his tail between his legs and was being pelted by bottles thrown from nearby homes. Waskiewicz, who is stationed in Baltimore's Southern District, offered the dog water from his water bottle.

"He was just scared," Waskiewicz told celebrity chef Rachael Ray last week. "Instead of calling the pound, we put him in the back of the patrol car and he fell asleep in my lap. I knew he was going to be mine."

Ray, who featured the officer in the "Ray It Forward" portion of her show, rewarded Waskiewicz and the dog he named "Bo" with a year's worth of dog food and treats from her line of pet foods.

Waskiewicz received national acclaim from dog lovers last year when a blog post he wrote about Bo's rescue -- including a photo of the dog licking his face -- went viral.

He and Bo were also featured in the city's "Show Your Soft Side" campaign against animal abuse.

Waskiewicz told Ray, a fellow pit bull lover, that he and his girlfriend adopted a Welsh Corgi named "Bella" to keep Bo company.

Although pit bulls can get a "bad rap," Waskiewicz told Ray, when properly trained, they are loving companions. 

"Once you give them the right kind of attention, they'll instantly take to you," he said. "I couldn't even tell one day he was vicious."

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