'Wire' actor releases anti-bullying rap

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His big break was playing a dealer on "The Wire," but these days Tray Chaney has a much cleaner message.

The Maryland actor has released an anti-bullying rap, the third single off his "Be Inspired" album which includes a number of songs with positive messages.

Just in time for October's Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Chaney's "Mike Bully (Stand Up for Our Future)," tells the story of a bullied boy named Michael and how he manages to turn around his situation with the help of his mom.

On "The Wire," Poot was a dealer for Barksdale, hanging out on corners, shooting people and getting shot, serving time and eventually getting a job at a shoe store.

In real life, Chaney is an aspiring hip-hop artist, married and a father.

"Hip-hop needs this kind of video for our kids," he said on Twitter. "Let's put an end to bullying."

He shot the "Mike Bully" video in Washington, at Richard Wright Public Charter School. It opens with a kid reluctant to get out of  bed when his alarm goes off. He's the child of a single mother, and kids at school make fun of him.

As Chaney raps:

"Michael’s clothes were different, He didn't have no Jordans,
He wanted banging outfits , but his mother can't afford 'em,
The kids in his class, they point and they laugh
'They say he look like trash, but he won't say nothin' back..."

During the rap's hook, we see Chaney at the school wearing a "Stop the Bullying" T-shirt.

The hook:

"Stand for our future, stand up
Dont let the bullying hate define us
Stand up for your sisters, stand up for your brothers
Stop fighting each other and fight for one another."

Chaney includes a link to a suicide hotline on the You Tube video.


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