New York Times again highlights visit to Baltimore -- this time on a budget, complete with quirks

Hot on the heels of last week's "36 Hours in Baltimore" travel feature, the New York Times is once again paying a visit to its feisty neighbor to the south, outlining yet another potential visit to Charm City in an article titled, "Exploring Baltimore, a City With Style to Spare, on a Budget."

The piece, written by "Frugal Traveler" Lucas Peterson, embraces the word "quirky" as descriptive of our fair city (has anyone ever written a pro-Baltimore travel piece without invoking that adjective?). In that spirit, it recommends visits to the American Visionary Art Museum, the grave of Edgar Allan Poe, the Creative Alliance, Lexington Market (for a Faidley's crabcake, of course) and Hampden (Atomic Books, the piece notes with some glee, is where John Waters picks up his fan mail).

Some more traditional stops are included, such as the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art and the Washington Monument (no Fort McHenry? Clearly, this guy is not as credible as he thinks he is!). The frugal one also pays a visit to The Senator theater, where he enjoys a screening of — you guessed it! — a John Waters film, "Polyester."

The piece also notes an evolving change in Baltimore's character following the death of Freddie Gray two years ago and the resulting unrest. And it notes that some of the city's most dynamic neighborhoods and its most challenged often sit side-by-side.

All in all, Baltimore comes off as an intriguing, involving and indisputably "quirky" place to visit. And it leaves it to us to decide which adjectives would be appropriate for describing the Big Apple.

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