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Mika Brzezinski, 'Morning Joe' co-host, a 'happy mom' after daughter accepted to Hopkins

Jimmy CarterMSNBC (tv network)Michael Bloomberg

Sounds like we'll be seeing Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," in Baltimore in the coming years.  At least around parents' weekend at Hopkins.

Brzezinski was all smiles this week when co-host Joe Scarborough asked her about her weekend. 

Why the grin, asked Scarborough, did she travel to the South of France?

"No South of France. I was home being a mom. I'm a happy mom ... I have a kid in college. Early decision," she said.

And what college will her daughter attend?

"Johns Hopkins," said Brzezinski. "Very relieved. Very relieved."

Brzezinski said she did what most of us would do if our kid was accepted to Hopkins -- she emailed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has given more than $1 billion to his alma mater.

"He wrote back, 'Congrats.' He's so loquacious," said Brzezinski, whose father, Zbigniew Brzezinski, served as Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser.

Brzezinski sounded incredibly proud of her daughter. 

"She did it all herself. She didn't want me to help her," she said.  "So I was so nervous -- but I shouldn't have been."






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Jimmy CarterMSNBC (tv network)Michael Bloomberg
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