Michael Phelps takes gold for worst Olympic mugshot

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The official Olympics athlete shots are out and let's just say if they offered a medal in rolling out of bed, throwing on last night's clothes and showing up for a photo shoot, Michael Phelps would likely win.

His Olympics 2012 photograph looks like a promo poster for "The Hangover."

His beard is straggly.

He's not smiling.

To call his hair messy would be a cop out -- bed head is more like it.

In all, the mugshot looks more like something that would be taken after an arrest than before an Olympics. And a lot of folks are giggling.

"It seems honored Olympic stars and criminals have one thing in common," wrote Bleacher Report. "[H]orrible head shots."

"Michael Phelps’ Official Olympic Headshot Is Sure To Become Legendary" went the headline on Sports Grid.

"Phelps looks like he has a massive hangover," wrote one commenter.

Another observed, "Phelps looks like Ryan from the Office."

Besides the mug, there are some other goodies on the London 2012 Phelps page.

We got height: 6'4''.

Weight: 194.

Nickname: MP.

And hobbies: Playing video games, watching television.

(A lot of the other Olympic athletes wrote down other sports in the hobbies area. It's refreshing, for the less-than-athletic among us, to see that the man who's on the verge of being named the greatest Olympian of all time likes to take is easy when he's not shattering world records.)

Most influential person: His mom!

Superstitions/rituals: Listening to music before competing.

Motto: "The solution lies within us."

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