'Pizza King' documentary tells story of Ellicott City man who has eaten pizza every day for 25 years

Remember Dan Janssen, the Ellicott City man who has eaten pizza every day for the past 25 years?

Now you can see him hang out in the kitchen of a Domino's, load his grocery cart with frozen pizzas and grimace over a pizza defaced with vegetables. 

Justin Levy, a New York-based documentary film maker (and former Baltimorean) who broke Janssen's story for VICE, has returned with a 15-minute documentary depicting Janssen's relationship with pizza.

It's funny and sweet and poignant -- especially when we see Janssen's fiancee pleading with him to expand his diet.

Janssen admits he has "a very strong food aversion" and says he has discussed it with a therapist.  He doesn't like vegetables -- other than tomato sauce -- and prefers plain cheese pizza to all other foods.

"To me, this isn't a pizza," says Janssen, gesturing to a vegetable-laden Joe Squared pizza that would make most people drool. "It's a bunch of vegetables. Everything about this is unappealing. From the toppings to the toppings to the toppings."

Janssen has had diabetes since childhood (spoiler alert: he injects himself with insulin at Joe Squared), but insists that he is in good health despite his pizza-based diet.

But, over dinner at another pizza restaurant, Janssen's fiancee says she is concerned about his health.  His pizzavore diet might be funny for some, but it is troubling to her. Couldn't he just eat some fruits and vegetables?

"If I ate like an apple every day instead of food," says Janssen, trailing off. He frowns and shakes his head.

"I'm saying this... as your future spouse and a person who loves you so much and I want you to be around forever," his fiancee says.

"I will be," says Janssen.  "And I'll be eating pizza forever."A

 A previous version of this story misstated Levy's current city. The Sun regrets the error.


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