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Horror stories abound in Worst Roommate Contest

The Baltimore Sun

Those stories you tell about your roommate from hell just might pay off.

Live Baltimore is running a contest, offering a $100 prize package for the best worst roommate tale.

A front-runner is Jennifer Anne Jobson, who talks about her freshman year roommate, who was sharpening a big knife the first time they met. One day, the girl -- who liked to eat fried chicken in bed -- took the knife to Jobson's mattress, some of her clothes, their rug and their bean bag chair. She also used it on a squirrel, which she left, dead, in Jobson's bed.

Another person had a roommate that peed in the bathtub. Someone else's stole. Quite a few suffered through messy roommates and screamers. And many told of situations where you ask for a roommate, then get her unemployed boyfriend as an unwelcome bonus.

It's tough out there.

Check out the entries -- or enter the contest -- here.

The winner is whoever has the most Facebook likes by Monday, April 15.

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