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Homeless dog cast in Baltimore production of 'Richard III'

A dog, a dog, my kingdom for a dog!

A cuddly pit bull terrier mix named Jazz will take the stage in Baltimore Shakespeare Factory's production of "Richard III" this week. 

One-and-a-half year-old Jazz will play the role of young Richard's pet. 

Despite Jazz's penchant for stealing the limelight and reputation as a "perfect gentleman," the director did not feel he was ready for a speaking part.

Jazz is the first of a series of adoptable dogs and cats from the Baltimore Humane Society who will play a role in Baltimore Shakespeare Factory productions this year.

The theater's playbill will feature a biography of each pet.  Shelter staff will provide information at each production. 

And adoption fees will be halved for theater patrons who choose to bring home a pet they have seen onstage -- provided they mention the play at the shelter.

"Richard III" will be performed at The Great Hall Theatre, 3900 Roland Avenue in Hampden, through April 19th.  The show officially opens Friday, but there will be a free preview tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. 





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