Gun-toting Maryland candidate to throw fundraiser with NRA

The Baltimore Sun

Guns are on the mind of much of America in the wake of the deadly theater shooting in Colorado and a foiled copycat crime here in Maryland.

They're certainly on the mind of Maryland congressional candidate Faith Loudon who's planning a shooting-themed fundraiser with her "very special guest" National Rifle Association President David Keane.

Loudon, a Pasedena mother of three and a Republican who's running in the state's 4th congressional district sent out an invitation over the weekend to what she's calling a "shooting event."

The invitation features a picture of the candidate holding a gun with a big grin.

"Let’s make everyone a Shooting Star!" the invitation reads.

The event will be Aug. 11 at Prince George's Trap & Skeet. Guests will be able to mingle with Loudon while getting trying their hand at shooting. People willing to pony up $150 can pose for a picture with Keane and shoot.

Loudon is 2010's Maryland Republican Woman of the Year.

She will face incumbent Rep. Donna Edwards in November.

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