Does the Ravens' Bryant McKinnie owe millions?

The Baltimore Sun

Bryant McKinnie makes millions as an offensive tackle for the Ravens.

But TMZ is saying he also owes millions.

According to the celeb gossip site, McKinnie borrowed $4 million during last year's NFL lockout and has yet to pay it back.

TMZ says McKinnie borrowed the big bucks while he was with the Minnesota Vikings. It was a loan through Pro Player Funding, an outfit that specializes in what TMZ calls "lockout loans."

TMZ, which obtained court documents, said the loan was "very high risk," with high interest rates and a clause that would allow the loan company to demand the amount in full if McKinnie missed even one payment.

When Bryant was fired from the Vikings -- and eventually picked up by the Ravens -- one payment apparently got lost in the transition.

Read more on TMZ.


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