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Did McDonald's worker win Maryland's Mega Millions jackpot?

A Westport woman who works at an area McDonald's is saying she has Friday's winning Mega Millions ticket.

Mirlande Wilson told the New York Post that she has the ticket, that she bought it at the Milford Mill 7-Eleven, and plans to claim her huge winnings later today. She says she also played a team pool with some of her McDonald's co-workers but that ticket wasn't the winner -- just one she played on her own.

“We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The ‘winning’ ticket] wasn’t on the group plan,” she said.

If she's telling the truth, that means she and the winners in two other states would split the $656 million jackpot. And her McDonald's co-workers would be splitting Wilson's work when she quits.

“I was in the group, but this was separate. The winning ticket was a separate ticket,” Wilson, who's 37 and a single mother of seven told the paper.

But she wouldn't show the Post her winning ticket. And she also seemed to get a little flakey when the paper had more questions for her, saying, “I don’t know if I won. Some of the numbers were familiar. I recognized some of [them]."


Maryland Lottery officials say no one has claimed the prize.

"As anticipated, we're still waiting," Carole Everett, lottery spokeswoman, told The Sun Monday morning. "We do not expect this woman to come walking through the door this morning."
But Wilson's 15 co-workers who contributed to the McDonald's lottery pool are getting up-in-arms anyway. If -- a big if -- Wilson won, they think they're owed a share.

“She can’ t do this to us!” Suleiman Osman Husein, told the Post. “We each paid $5. She took everybody’s money!”

Read more of the post story here.


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