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Delegate sings the dirty grocery store blues

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One Baltimore politician has declared war on dirty grocery stores, dirty restaurants, dirty hotels -- all dirt, really.

Call it a one-woman (for now) crusade for cleanliness.

Del. Jill P. Carter is calling it her consumer revolt.

"How is it that a 'fresh market' has a filthy floor? Or 'whole foods' has an unkempt buffet? Or those rarely washed credit card machines?" Carter said on Twitter Wednesday. "The general public, paying consumers, must demand higher standards of cleanliness & quality..stop spending Ritz-C $ on Motel6 accommodations."

It's unclear exactly what set Carter off. A bug in her bed? A fly in her soup?

So Insider asked her and she said it was everything and nothing in particular.

"Everyday the same experience, tired of it," she Tweeted us. "Doubt I'm alone, there r lotsa ppl out there that must also notice."

In any event, she expended quite a few Twitter characters on the matter:

One Tweet: "When I want clean, nutritious, fresh, organic, food-even w/tons of so-called fresh markets&healthy restaurants-I feel I'm in a food desert."

Another: "How can I trust ur food when ur floor is filthy,shelves r dusty,dirty,food residue is strewn all over salad bar,ppl scoop w/same utensils?"

And: "Restaurants should have clean windows & doors, no litter trail leading from street 2 door, no stains on chairs, seating, or silver...period."

Still more: "If restaurants choose 2 use cloth napkins & table coverings, they should be absolutely stain free! No spots on glasses, no grit on plates!"

Still going: :And markets..-'m tired of being afraid to lift an item from the shelf for fear of what lurks behind or under it..Health Dept,do ur da__ job!"

When another Tweeter, Baltimore Slumwatch, engaged Carter a bit on the matter, the delegate also said that she's disgusted with department store and boutique dressing rooms. Oh, and Walmart. And malls. And four-star establishments.

So wash up, Baltimore. Carter's got the white glove on.

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