Charles Village landslide inspires a folk song

"When the Cars Begin to Fall" might just be the first song you've ever heard that incorporates the words "insurance adjustor."

Baltimore musician Robert J. Friedman was moved to write a song after seeing footage of 26th Street falling into the CSX tunnel during last week's heavy rains.

Charles Village, what will you do?

Charles Village, what will you do?

Charles Village, what will you do

When the cars begin to fall?

Friedman, 67, said he used to live a block away on 26th Street back in the 80s. His cousin, writer David Beaudouin, challenged him to write a folk song about the landslide.

It's set to the tune of an old Spiritual, "When the Stars Begin to Fall."

"It took about five minutes to write new verses and another five to clean them up later, then in the midst of the three Cinco de Mayo gigs I had over the weekend I was able to record the lead vocal, guitar, and harmony parts on the first take," Friedman wrote in an email.

Friedman, who now lives a couple miles north of Charles Village in Evergreen, describes himself as a "neighborhood troubadour." He teaches music and plays in Latin, blues and folk groups.

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