Cat apparently survives journey from Baltimore to Belgium in shipping container

Employees of a Belgian shipping company discovered a cat in a container that they believe is from Baltimore.

We'll spare you the "cats have nine lives" joke.

It does seem apt, however, after an employee at a Belgian shipping company discovered a cat when he opened a shipping container last week, according to Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen and De Telegraaf.

The employees of Gosselin Group in Duerne, Belgium, believe that the cat was shipped from Baltimore, as the box hadn't been opened since it left the U.S.

If that is the case, Lola, as the employees named the cat, would have been in the dark without food or water for about four weeks, surviving a 6,500-kilometer boat journey.

However, Richard Scher, a spokesman for the Maryland Port Administration, said the container could have been loaded anywhere in the U.S.

It's possible it was loaded locally for export through the port of Baltimore, he said.

"It is not common to have animals receive an all-expenses paid trip inside a container," he wrote in an email. "We receive all of our exported containers that are headed for points around the world sealed and with doors closed.  That means if there is an animal inside a container, it got there at the location where the container was loaded."

"We are happy however to hear that Lola apparently survived her journey and was cared for upon her discovery," he added.

Werner Peeters discovered Lola between a box and a forklift when he was unloading a container, according to the story.

The employees gave the cat food and water, and sought crowdfunding for medical help.

We've reached out to Gosselin Group and will update this story when we hear back.

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