Carmelo Anthony launches 'Got Chocolate Milk?' campaign

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore's own Carmelo Anthony is the latest celebrity to don a milk mustache.

Except his is chocolate.

The Knicks star is helping launch the latest campaign for the Milk Processsor Education Program, which is famous for the "Got Milk?" campaign and milk mustaches. The new spin is  "Got Chocolate Milk?"

Melo was all over the place Monday promoting the drink, first on the Mike & Mike radio show, then on to Dan Patrick. He Tweeted about both appearances.

Anthony will be appearing in print and television ads touting the health and workout benefits of chugging chocolate milk.

Unlike milk's past campaigns, this one has a harder edge and focuses on drinking chocolate milk to refuel after an athletic event. The athletes call chocolate milk their "after."

In his commercial Anthony says that in addition to stretching and icing after a game, he has some chocolate milk to "help rebuild my body."

"Cause you're not only refueling from the game you just played," he says, "You're preparing for the next event."

Other athletes who will be promoting chocolate milk are Dara Torres and Apolo Anton Ohno.

Check out the commerical:

On the "Got Chocolate Milk" site, they have some fun Melo facts. For instance, he discloses his supposed "after": Relaxing after a workout, listening to music and refueling with chocolate milk."

And then, Besides all that chocolate milk, he says his favorite foods are catfish, macaroni and cheese and collard greens.

His favorite football team... the Ravens!


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