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Canton residents most eager to cheat, says website for married and looking

Oh the Casanovas of Canton!

The neighborhood seems so wholesome -- all those bright young things going to yoga class and drinking at bars on the square -- but it turns out Canton is full of people looking to cheat. 

That's according to the folks at Ashley Madison, a website for married people who wish to go hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Mark Sanford-style.

Fully one-tenth of the website's subscribers in the Baltimore region live in Canton, according to a news release from the site.

Fells Point comes in a close second, with 9.7 percent of users. 

Towson (boring ol' Towson??) takes third place and Ashburton, which the news release gleefully points out is where the mayor grew up, comes in fourth. 

Mayfield is home to the greatest number of those with the Monica Lewinsky complex -- single users who wish to hook up with a married person. 

Canton is also home to the greatest portion of parents who are looking for uh, play dates. 

Maybe we should all chip in for some marriage counselors for Canton. 

The site is most popular in affluent neighborhoods, according to the news release.  There are 28 million members in 22 countries.

Baltimore is the city with the third-most Ashley Madison members in the United States, trailing Washington, D.C. and Richmond.  

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