Buck Showalter a major league prankster

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Buck Showalter not only has baseball talents, Baltimore -- he's also quite a believable prankster.

The folks at Major League Baseball's Fan Cave just posted a really funny video where Showalter "punks" relief pitcher Darren O'Day.

Here's the setup:

O'Day thinks he's being interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter about his fondness for something called a "Solowheel," a unicycle-type thing that he's apparently getting paid to endorse.

In the middle of demonstrating the device, Showalter storms up and asks him what the heck he thinks he's doing. If he thinks it's a good idea. Which contract is paying him more.

"You guys gotta get your priorities in order, riding a freakin' bicycle," he says with disgust. "We're trying to win here... what's that thing called Solowheel?... You can solo your way back to your city. We'll find someone else to pitch."

O'Day, who up to that point had seemed thrilled to show off the product, seems appalled to have raised his boss's ire.

Then he finds out it was a joke. And Showalter gives the poor petrified O'Day a big hug.

Good stuff. Check it out:

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