Barber honors Ray Lewis with eye-popping haircut

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 A Texas born barber has one of the more original tributes to Ray Lewis: He shaved an incredible portrait of the legendary Raven right into one of his client's coifs.

The hair portrait is unmistakably Lewis. The war paint. The steely gaze. What looks like a 52 right down the side.

"I did this cut to honor the great linebacker of the Ravens," Joe Barber said on YouTube when he posted a picture of the cut. "May be the greatest or close to it.... hope you enjoy."

This barber, whose real name is Joe Barajas, is not just a guy who cuts hair. He's an artist and specializes in hair portraits, particularly of sports and rock stars. He's also a big fan of Ray Lewis and the Ravens and will be pulling for the team in the Super Bowl, wearing his No. 52 jersey.

Barajas tells Insider he did the cut for free on a customer, just wanting to express his appreciation for Lewis. It took him about an hour and a half using clippers and razor, going freehand. To buy the cut at his shop, Razor Sharp Cutz, it would cost about $100, he says.

Barajas posted the haircut on Instagram, too, where it was getting rave reviews.

"Beasting!!!" wrote one fan. "Sick!!" said another.

If you want to wear the look to the Super Bowl, Texas is almost, kind of, on the way to New Orleans....

Check out Joe Barber's website.

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