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Baltimore Police grow incredibly 'Happy' over Twitter followers

The Baltimore Police are so happy. 

Not just a little happy, like when the Royal Farms offers those 2-for-1 Krispy Kreme specials. 

The cops are gyrating by the Shot Tower, doing the worm at the gym, confusing a drug-sniffing dog, kinda happy. 

And, like everyone else who makes a goofy video these days, they're dancing to Pharrell's "Happy." (Check out this version from Abu Dhabi.)

So what are they so happy about?

They've reached 50,000 followers on Twitter

"Today, I'm happy," Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts says in the video. "Fifty thousand followers on Twitter. Heading to 75,000. One of the most of any police department."

"Thank you for helping Baltimore to be safer," he says. 

A quick scan of Twitter shows that Baltimore's finest do indeed boast more followers than many other cities.  Los Angeles has a mere 21,000 followers; Philly has 40,000.  

Of course, there are plenty of cities that have many more. Seattle's police have 65,000 followers; New York's count 106,000 and Boston police tweet to a whopping 277,000 followers.

But that doesn't stand in the way of the Baltimore police force's happiness.  

Lab techs are grooving in scrubs and masks, the mounted unit's horses are whinnying in delight, and even Foxtrot, the helicopter, is spinning with joy. 


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