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Baltimore oriole featured in new Songbirds Forever Stamps collection

The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore oriole -- the Maryland state bird and namesake for our beloved baseball team -- has made the cut as one of the 10 birds featured on the U.S. Postal Service's Songbirds Forever Stamps. Other featured songbirds include the American goldfinch, the white-throated sparrow and the mountain bluebird.

Starting April 5, the Songbirds Forever Stamps collection will be available for purchase online (, by phone (800-782-6724) and in area post offices. A book of 20 stamps will be $9.80.

The stamps were illustrated by Connecticut artist Robert Giusti, and designed by art director Derry Noyes of D.C. 

What's the story behind our state bird, anyway? The Baltimore oriole was designated as the Maryland state bird by the General Assembly in 1947; its name is attributed to its resemblance to the black and gold coat of arms of George Calvert, Lord Baltimore.

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