Baltimore drivers among the rudest in the nation, survey finds

Are Charm City drivers not so charming?

A new survey says that Baltimore drivers are among the most rude in the nation. 

According to the 2014 Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey, which was sponsored by roadside assistance company AutoVantage, Baltimoreans are the third least courteous drivers in the country. 

Compared to drivers in other cities, Baltimoreans are:

-- Most likely to make obscene gestures 

-- Most likely to do other things while driving, like put on mascara, a distinction we share with Orlando

-- Second most likely to see others tailgate and admit to tailgating ourselves

According to AutoVantage, Baltimore drivers were the third most courteous in 2009, the last time the survey was conducted. 

So have our manners really slipped so much in the past five years? Or was there a flaw in the survey's methodology?

According to AutoVantage spokesman Mike Bush, the survey was conducted by polling 100 randomly chosen drivers by phone.  The drivers were asked 40 questions about their own actions and what they observe other drivers doing. 

Perhaps those conducting the survey happened to call crankier drivers this time around.


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