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Twerking banned at Arundel high school dances

If you're not ready to go home, if you gonna go all night, you best not twerk at an Anne Arundel County high school dance.

South River and Annapolis high schools have issued contracts forbidding students from dancing with "buttocks touching or facing a partner or in the air."

For those of you who are not high school principals, that means: no twerking, the vigorous booty-shaking move that Miley Cyrus displayed at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

Bob Mosier, an Anne Arundel County Schools spokesman, said county high schools have issued similar contracts for several years. The contracts forbid dancing that simulates sexual activities, the use of drugs and alcohol, and a number of other adolescent temptations.

"There's no question that the provocative nature of dancing has increased in the past five years, ten years," said Mosier. "This is an attempt to create events that are safe and enjoyable for the entire student body."
About nine of the county's 12 high schools employ such contracts, Mosier said. Those for South River and Annapolis high schools, among others, specifically bar rump-shaking dance moves. Students who violate the contract would be asked to leave the dance, and their parents would be summoned to pick them up.  

What's that you say, "It's our party we can do what we want"?

Sorry, kids, Cyrus' anthem "We Can't Stop" doesn't apply to you. At least not until college.  

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