Michael Phelps

Lest anyone doubt his global presence, Phelps single-handedly turned a barnyard animal into a trending search term. Goat? Ah, yes, GOAT. Phelps took London by storm and yet, perhaps fitting for a goat, still had to eat a huge loss on his Fells Point bachelor pad before moving to a shinier set-up in Canton. A retiree at 27, Phelps kept busy pitching products, mugging for magazine covers and contending for various "being of the year" honors. He also courted a new lady-friend, introducing waitress/model Megan Rossee to the red carpet, his family and the joys of Maryland crabs. And just like many wizened folks enjoying their golden years, Phelps took up cards and golf -- hanging out on the poker circuit and signing up for a show on The Golf Channel where pro Hank Haney taught him how to swing.
AFP/Getty Images
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