UPDATE: Ravens' Torrey Smith puts a ring on it

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith appears to not only have good taste in jewelry but also to be engaged to his lady love.

Smith (@TorreySmithWR) posted this update on Twitter late Friday afternoon: "Gave @LibraLadii_ this now she will be stuck with me for a long time." The post was accompanied by a link to Smith's Instagram feed, which did indeed show a hand with a dazzling ring on it.

According to Twitter, the hand - and the ring - belong to Chanel Williams, who is listed as the owner of the Twitter handle @LibraLadii_. Her reply on twitter: "Wow ... I'm in complete shock." (She also posted a photo of the happy couple together.)

And Smith apparently devised quite a scheme to woo his woman.

A huge animal-lover, Smith had Baltimore's anti-animal abuse organization Show Your Soft Side be part of it. Here's what the organization posted on its Facebook page:

"Last night, Ravens' Torrey Smith set up an elaborate ruse in order to propose to his girlfriend, Chanel Williams. Under the guise of a Soft Side shoot, we got to join Prince and Mama in being the first to say congratulations."

The site posted pictures of Smith (in a dog t-shirt) and Williams, looking surprised and thrilled, showing off the ring when she thought she'd just be showing off her affection for animals.

Several fans congratulated Smith on the Instagram site, so we hope it's true! And offer our own "Congratulations!"

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