An admission in who shot Tupac Shakur?

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In 1994, Baltimore's own Tupac Shakur was shot in a New York ambush and a decade later, the intrigue persists.

The Village Voice earlier this month reported that a drug lord named James Rosemond, Jimmy Henchman on the street, long implicated in the crime, had admitted to it.

The publication pointed to transcripts where Rosemond admitted to involvement in the rapper's ambush. Rosemond was talking with federal prosecutors under an agreement that the information wouldn't be used against him.

Rosemond is already in jail on a drug conviction and won't be charged with the attack on Shakur.

No one will be charged, actually. The statue of limitations on the crime expired more than a decade ago.

Tupac was killed, shot to death in 1996, but not before implicating Rosemond in song where he rapped: Jimmy Henchman ... [You] set me up, wet me up... stuck me up. But you never shut me up."

Rolling Stone pointed out the Village Voice piece in a blog post Tuesday morning.

Read more from the Village Voice here.

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