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College ice cream shop Maryland Dairy changes name of Durkin-inspired flavor

While it’s still uncertain whether Maryland football coach DJ Durkin will return from administrative leave following the death of Jordan McNair, one of the school’s establishments is already moving forward as if he won't.

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Lovers of Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel can now take home a plush version of him

Mr. Trash Wheel fans have long admired him from the banks of Baltimore’s Harbor. Now, lovers of the trash-collecting wheel can take him home.

Stuffed Mr. Trash Wheel toys are officially for sale.

The Healthy Harbor Initiative of Baltimore partnered with South Florida-based toy manufacturer, Budsies, to produce the stuffed toys. The 16-inch plush trash collectors are being pre-sold for $30 each.

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Sisqo performed 'Thong Song' at his wedding reception

Choosing songs for a wedding can be tricky. Some couples prefer romantic tracks to celebrate their nuptials, while others want tasteful, PG-13 dance music appropriate for all family members, but if you’re Sisqo, you play what you know.

You go for the “Thong Song.”

The Baltimore-born R&B singer married his longtime love and mother of his children, Elizabeth Pham, Friday in St.

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Baltimore is among top 10 cities for mosquitoes, pest company says

Baltimore is one of the 10 U.S. cities most affected by mosquitoes, according to a according to a new ranking by the pest control company Terminix.

Memphis-based Terminix ranked the cities based on the number of mosquito services per city between July 1, 2017 and July 1, 2018.

Baltimore came in at No. 10, with Dallas, New York, Washington and Houston taking spots one through four, respectively.

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Immigrant and refugee food festival planned for October

“#BreakingBarriersByBreakingBread” is the motto of an immigrant and refugee food festival planned for noon to 5 p.m. on Oct. 14 in Canton Waterfront Park.

“[Culture] brings people together whether it’s food, music, clothing, festivals — it’s meeting new people during this very divisive time,” said festival co-organizer Taylor Jenkins, 27.

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Baltimore called 'the new millennial hotspot' by British newspaper

It’s hard to compare Baltimore to New York or D.C., but that’s OK. There’s nothing like Charm City, and rarely has this small piece of the Maryland pie tried to shape itself into something it’s not.

That air of defiance — it’s what makes Baltimore so cool.

Across the pond, somebody noticed.

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