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State Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr. removes rambling videos from YouTube

Update: On Wednesday, Conaway said he had removed the videos from YouTube. He said he did so over concerns about his various planned businesses being public. 

Ancient Egyptian carvings. The Book of Revelations. Canned chicken.

These are some of the topics that Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr. has discussed in more than 50 rambling videos that he has uploaded to YouTube in recent weeks.

"Am I living in a box? The cross. The Rubik's Cube," Conaway says in a video titled  "talking horse." "Am I living in a hologram? Holographic universe."

Video titles include "what rabbits eggs," "conaway globe" and "is that you me."

A West Baltimore Democrat, Conaway is on his way to winning a third term in the state legislature; he was among the top three vote-getters in June’s Democratic primary for the 40th district’s three House of Delegates seats. There are no Republicans or other candidates running in the general election.

His father and sister also hold public office. Conaway is also an employee in the...

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Here's your chance to buy

What would you like people to see when they type in

Shots of the National Aquarium and the Inner Harbor? A line of brick rowhouses with marble steps? A video of your chain-smoking Aunt Margaret grousing about the price of Lysol at Mars?

Here's your chance to shape people's perceptions of the city. Heritage Auctions is selling the domain

The company recently sent out fliers advertising the auction. If the skyline in the ad looks a little odd to you, that's because it's Seattle, not Baltimore.

The current site does, however, include photos of Baltimore.

Aron Meystedt, director of Heritage Auction's Intellectual Property division, said his company is contacting those who might be interested in purchasing  There is no opening bid, and no date for the auction to end. 

Of course, an address like won't come cheap. Domain names for other mid-sized cities have sold for "well into the 6 figures," Meystedt said.

The site...

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Josh Charles adds to 7-year-old's Orioles Magic experience

Calvin Chyko-Leigh was determined to get a ball at Game 1 of the Orioles' American League Division Series against the Detroit Tigers.

The 7-year-old raced back and forth from his seat to the wall between innings, hoping to get one of the baseballs christened by an Orioles player. Though none came to him from a player, he still experienced some Orioles Magic via actor Josh Charles, who was recently killed off the television show “The Good Wife.”

Here's how Calvin's mother, Magan Chyko-Leigh, described the events in an email to The Sun this week:

"My son was at that game sitting a few rows behind Josh Charles and his dad. My son, Calvin (7 years old) was dying to get a baseball and spent the time between innings dashing down the steps to the wall in hopes that an outfielder would toss a ball into his waiting glove.

"Well, that happened at some point in the game but the ball didn’t go to my son, it went right into the hands of Josh Charles. And what happened next made my son’s night,...

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Orioles fan covers Lorde's 'Royals' in support of team

"What's Kansas City got on us?" sings Lauren A. Hall in a video of her Orioles-themed cover of Lorde's song "Royals." The 26-year-old baseball fan uploaded the clip, which you can watch above, to YouTube on Tuesday.

Hall wrote the lyrics after the Orioles' sweep of the Tigers, she said in an email. The Charles Village resident is a research analyst at the University of Maryland School of Social Work in Baltimore. She said she became an O's fan in high school, and has "been hooked ever since."

Her lyrics of "Royals," as posted on YouTube, are below:

Have you heard of Baltimore?
Or Charm City as it’s called, in the movies.
We are proud of our address,
In this torn-up town, no postcode envy.

And every day it’s like, Old Bay, Nattys, hangin’ out at Dempsey’s,
Pickles, Sliders, haters up on our streets,
We don’t care, we’re winning everything on this scene.

And everybody’s like, “Orioles’ baseball is my favorite hobby,"
Bandwagon fans on Russell gettin’ sloppy,
We don’t care ‘cause the championships...

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Norah Jones, Iced Gems cupcake truck fan

Aaron Walker's T-shirt caught singer-songwriter Norah Jones' attention in Towson on Thursday morning. It reads, "Keep calm have a cupcake."

So she did just that, according to Christine Richardson, owner of the Iced Gems cupcake truck and Reisterstown bakery of the same name. The above photo of the nine-time Grammy winner and Walker was taken after her purchase.

Jones — who was in town for a "Live Lunch" performance at WTMD's studio before her group, Puss N Boots, plays the Ottobar tonight — ordered a dozen cupcakes, Richardson said, and she told Walker her favorite was the Coconut Dream cupcake. The Iced Gems website describes it as a "vanilla cupcake with coconut and almond extract mixed into the batter and topped with an almond buttercream and decorated with shredded coconut." 

Jones has good taste: Last month, The Sun named Iced Gems the third best food truck of the year.

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It's John Oliver vs. The Helmand

Worked into a lather by outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai's lack of gratitude to the United States, HBO's comically blustering John Oliver came up with the perfect revenge over the weekend.

He read aloud negative Internet reviews of The Helmand, the Baltimore restaurant run by Karzai's brother, Qayum.

The contretemps started when Hamid Karzai, in a farewell speech delivered last week, thanked many nations for helping Afghanistan and its people, but pointedly left out the United States or any mention of the 2,000 American casualties incurred during years of fighting in the region. He also warned against trusting the USA. "America did not want peace for Afghanistan," he said, "because it had its own agendas and goals here."

That set Oliver off.

"Excuse me, Karzai," the indigant host of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" said. "I thought we were going to go our separate ways like adults ... but if you want to go out with backstabbing and low blows, that is no problem."

With that,...

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