Baltimore County

Shore Stories

A weekly series by reporter John Woestendiek that portrays the people, places and rituals that define summer at the beach.

  • Sandals spread the word, one step at a time

    Kathleen Farrell has left a mark - thousands of them, in fact - on beaches she has never set foot on. Farrell, who lives in St. Petersburg, Fla., wasn't at the beach, but vacationing in the mountains of North Carolina in 1996 when inspiration struck: a newfangled way to spread not just "The Word,"...

  • Beach party

    Delaware's Dewey has long wrestled with its rowdy reputation, which is about to be immortalized on film

  • What the turtle fears

    The journey across coastal roads often proves deadly for many terrapins, but new efforts may help save them

  • A towering presence

    For years, Delaware beachgoers have wondered what those odd structures on the sand were. One man, Horace Knowles, has always known.

  • Crash course

    For a novice, a surfing lesson can be both humbling and exhilarating

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