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Shore Stories

A weekly series by reporter John Woestendiek that portrays the people, places and rituals that define summer at the beach.

  • Sandals spread the word, one step at a time

    Kathleen Farrell has left a mark - thousands of them, in fact - on beaches she has never set foot on.

  • Beach party

    Delaware's Dewey has long wrestled with its rowdy reputation, which is about to be immortalized on film

  • What the turtle fears

    The journey across coastal roads often proves deadly for many terrapins, but new efforts may help save them

  • A towering presence

    For years, Delaware beachgoers have wondered what those odd structures on the sand were. One man, Horace Knowles, has always known.

  • Crash course

    For a novice, a surfing lesson can be both humbling and exhilarating

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