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Lewis Museum reception

Loida Nicolas Lewis, left, and Shirley Kinsey Several hundred guests gathered in the upper lobby of the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture for "The Collectors Reception," the last chance to see and hear the owners of "The Kinsey Collection: Shared Treasures of Bernard & Shirley Kinsey." The Los Angeles-based couple had come to the city for several days while part of their collection of African American artifacts and art was on display at the museum. "Baltimore is such a wonderful repository of African American culture and history and it's one of the places we always wanted to bring our exhibit," said Shirley Kinsey. "We've been here four days, and we've probably had 2,500 people at all of our events. This is probably the third or fourth sold-out event that we've had. This is just what the Kinsey Collection does. We bring people out [who] don't normally come out to museums, and we're excited to be at the Reginald F. Lewis," said Bernard Kinsey. For A. Skipp Sanders, the museum's executive director, the event was a chance to welcome many of the guests back. "It's just good ol' Reginald F. Lewis Museum hospitality and homecoming for everybody who wants this to be their cultural home," he said. If you are planning a fundraising party that you would like considered for coverage, contact sloane@sloanebrown.com.
Photo by Karen Jackson, For The Baltimore Sun
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