The Nitty Gritty on Little Italy

Boundaries: Pratt Street to the north, Eden Street to the east and Baltimore's waterfront to the south and west.

Area:12 square blocks


  • The Little Italy Community Organization, 410-539-6259
  • The Little Italy Owners/Residents Association, 410-659-0845
  • Little Italy Restaurant Association, 410-685-2620.

    Feeding frenzy: Humans aren't the only ones dining well in Little Italy.(Photo by Emily Deutschman, Special to SunSpot)

    Number of restaurants: 22

    Housing: The average sale price for a two- or three-story rowhouse was $133,750 in 2001. Most houses date back 125 years and are made of brick and plaster with wood flooring. There are a few apartments with average rent per month at $600.

    Weight of a eclair: At least one pound, but it varies.

    Religion: -- the Catholic landmark that still holds Mass daily.

    Parking: Many restaurants offer valet parking for approximately $5. A garage at Central and Bank streets has 400 much-needed spaces and charges about $6 for a four-hour stay. Otherwise you can battle for a street spot or hoof it from an Inner Harbor garage.

    Living is easy: This house on South Exeter Street is indicative of the style of architecture in the neighborhood.(Photo by Emily Deutschman, Special to SunSpot)

    Bocce competitions: You'll find a game almost every night after dinner at the courts in D'Alesandro Park, at 902 Stiles St. (between S. High and S. Exeter streets). The Little Italy Bocce Rollers Association sponsors several organized tournaments throughout the year, including one during the Festival of St. Anthony's in June and the Christopher Columbus Classic in October.

    Other important dates:
    Festival of St. Gabriel: Weekend closest to Aug. 24
    Festival of St. Anthony: Weekend closest to June 13
    Taste of Little Italy: September
    Open Air Italian Film Festival: Friday nights in July and AugustCopyright © 2018, The Baltimore Sun

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