The Nitty Gritty on SoWeBo

Borders: Baltimore Street on the north, Pratt Street on the south, Schroeder Street on the east and Fulton Avenue on the west.

Zip code: 21223

Real estate: It consists mostly of rowhouses with five or six bedrooms, making them larger than the row houses found in other neighborhoods. An un-rehabbed rowhouse averages $40,000-50,000, and a rehabbed rowhouse ranges from $120,000-140,000.

Looking good: Frank's Produce offers fresh fruit and vegetables at the Hollins Street Market. (Photo by Jessica M. Garrett, Special to SunSpot)

Dominant architectural style: Two- and three-story row houses; houses are Italianate, early Victorian Greek revival and late Victorian Romanesque revival.

To market, to market: At the beginning of the 20th century, the Hollins Street Market featured 160 inside stalls and 180 outside stalls.

SoWeBollywood: In 1997, "Washington Square" was filmed there, and Barry Levinson filmed "Avalon" there in 1990.

Rap on his door: Edgar Allan Poe's house in SoWeBo is a Registered National Historic Landmark. (Photo by Jessica M. Garrett, Special to SunSpot)

Wordy residents: Both Sun writer H. L. Mencken and horror writer Edgar Allen Poe resided in the area.

Places we miss: Mencken's Cultured Pearl Cafe (amazing and cheap Mexican food), Gypsy's Café (great brunches and dream-like courtyard), the Corner Cafe (perfect hangout for college-aged hipsters).

Mark your calendars: Union Square Christmas Cookie Tour (second Sunday of December), SoWeBohemian Festival (last Sunday in May), Annual Garden Tour (last Sunday in June).Copyright © 2018, The Baltimore Sun