The Nitty Gritty on Charles Village

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Original name:Peabody Heights

Zip Code: 21218

Neighborhoods within the Charles Village Community Benefits District:Abell, Charles Village, Harwood, South Charles Village and Waverly

CV boundaries:North Avenue to the south, University Parkway to the north, Greenmount to the east, Howard Street to the west

By the numbers:More than 14,000 residents, 700 businesses

Charles Village on the silver screen:Teen thriller "Dead Man's Curve" and John Waters flicks "Desperate Living" and "Mondo Trasho"

Places of worship:Notables include Lovely Lane United Methodist Church (22nd and St. Paul), St. John's Episcopal Church (3001 Greenmount), The Huntington Baptist Church (31st and Barclay), Homewood Friends Meeting House (3107 N. Charles St.).

Johns Hopkins University provides Charles Village with theater, sports and many of its residents.(Photo by Kim Phelan, Special to

Schools:Margaret Brent, Dallas Nicholas, Barclay Middle School, City College High School and Johns Hopkins University

Mark Your Calendar:During 's First Thursdays of each month, admission to the museum is free.

Don't miss:Spring Fair at in April (; the Charles Village Festival in June at (; High Zero Festival of Experimental Improvised Music at in September (

Where it's happenin': provides many basic essentials: Cheap (but good) haircuts at Tenpachi, the fried and beer food groups at , help with your thesis presentation at Kinko's, caffeine fixes at and music at .

Fun for the whole family:Breakfast at , kid-friendly lunch at , and art-intensive exploration at the .

Charles Village Bests

Best chicken fingers:

Best happy hour:

Best place to listen to music:

Pick up some groceries or a sandwich at Eddie's Market.(Photo by Kim Phelan, Special to

Best place to get that presentation done at 3 a.m.: Kinko's, open 24 hours

Best late night packaged goods:

Best place to score a 40 oz., a pack of smokes and a bag of Utz:

Best sandwiches: Deli counter of

Best produce:

Best use of a closed branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library: , a library, garden and community center

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