Glimpsed at Work: Adele Richer

You don't need to look at any examples of her work to know that interior designer Adele Richer has a keen sense of style. The 46-year-old director of interior designs at Hospitality Services Inc. wears it well. We "glimpsed" the Pikesville resident on a break from work at Mount Washington's DK Salon. Even at an appointment with her hairstylist, Richer was a picture of panache in a black silk balloon-sleeved blouse from the BCBG store and black leather trimmed gray linen pencil skirt from the Dalia Collection. She'd added one of her wardrobe staples, a wide black patent leather belt, textured black hose from Forever 21 and black suede Ralph Lauren platform pumps from Filene's Basement. Her Swiss Legend watch was a deal from, while her large black studded Treesje hobo was a steal at Loehmann's. One important component to Richer's "fairly classic, professional, sophisticated but toned down" style is keeping away from too much embellishment around her face. "I love a lot happening on the skirt, and keeping it simpler on top."
Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun
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