Glimpsed at the Mario Do Right Foundation party: Mario

The view was spectacular at Mario's Do Right Foundation fundraising party at Silo Point's penthouse. And we're not talking the cityscape. The 24-year-old Baltimore native, Mario, did his hometown proud, looking every inch the chic Grammy-nominated R&B star that he is. Mario sported a steel gray, custom-made Gucci suit, black leather belt and white dress shirt, with black leather square-toed oxfords. He refers to his style as "young and casual." But, he knows how taking care of what you wear can make a difference. "I always think the better pressed your clothes are, the cleaner you look." And if you want to make an impact when you're making an appearance, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. "The first ten minutes of putting your clothes on are the freshest [looking]. And [when you're planning an outfit to wear somewhere], think about the lighting there."
Photos by Colby Ware, special to The Baltimore Sun
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