Glimpsed at Heavy Seas Alehouse: Carolyn Jewell

When it comes to fashion, Carolyn Jewell, 31, believes in having fun -- and getting good deals. "I have a timeless classic style that I like to infuse with a little bit of trend," says the Bravo Health IT consultant. Out to dinner at Heavy Seas Alehouse, the Original Northwood resident sported one of the current hot trends: brightly colored narrow pants, in this case, tangerine corduroys from Anthropologie. This bargain shopper also had fun with the price she paid for them. "They were $160. I got them on sale for $40." Jewell says she likes to combine colors that you might not ordinarily expect. She did that by pairing the cords with a textured burgundy sleeveless tank from Ann Taylor Loft, and a vintage navy double-breasted blazer that was a hand-me-down from her mom. She added a crystal embellished snake pendant from South Moon Under. "It was $60. I got it for $19. I stalked it until the price dropped." She found her gray patent leather Maripe platform pumps at a discount shoe store. And a friend made her the turquoise bead and shark tooth earrings.
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