Scene & Heard: Junior League of Baltimore Centennial

Monica Cook, Joseph Cook and Doug Ober Some 200 people mingled in the glass-enclosed lobby of the DLA Piper building enjoying a spectacular view of the Mount Washington woods while enjoying a spectacular birthday -- the Junior League of Baltimore's Centennial Celebration. "One hundred years of women giving back to the community is phenomenal," said Liz Chuday, Chuday Communications president, as she celebrated with a cosmopolitan. "We are the same age as the Titanic. But we're still here, doing wonderful work for the community," said Pam Malester, who co-chaired the event with Megan Taboub, and Elizabeth Aneckstein. "I think it is fabulous that we have six generations of women celebrating 100 years of women giving back to the Baltimore community," said Aneckstein. Indeed, every woman there had a history with Junior League, and a story to tell. "This is great. I see lots of people I know and used to know. It was a great experience. I learn a lot about working with the community there," said Sally Michel, Junior League president from 1973 to 1975, who went on to become a well-known Maryland arts supporter/activist. "My mother was president from '47 to '49. She's the one who got me interested. My husband said, 'You're a senior. When do you stop being a junior?' I said, never," said Elizabeth McDonald, 1967-69 president, referring to a smiling John McDonald, retired marketing specialist, at her side. "It's all about having a great reunion, talking about what we're done and what we'll be doing in the future," said Kate Sullivan, current Junior League president. As far as the male guests were concerned, there wasn't quite the same feeling of community. "I feel like I wandered into a department store's lingerie department. I'm not comfortable. I just don't belong here," said Roger Powell, investment banker, with a laugh, as he stood in a corner with fellow non-members Doug Perry, Davenport Newberry president, and Rick Ehrlich, Fandango Productions chair. --Sloane Brown
Karen Jackson, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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