Hogan says he will veto paid sick leave bill


20 single-tank summer road trips from Baltimore

It’s summertime, and you’re ready to play. But vacations involving trains and air travel become pricey, especially for families. We know, you think you’ve been to every destination worth driving. But this year we bypassed the obvious for less trodden locales with different diversions and restful...

Beach Guide


Traveler's guide to breweries, distilleries at the beach

These days, many of us want to know the stories behind the goods we buy, whether it’s food, clothing or, yes, even alcohol. A visit to a beach town can now include a tour of a distillery or brewery, where you not only get to learn how the products are made, but you can taste them, too. These recommendations...

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Retro Ocean City: 100-plus photos of summer days past

Retro Ocean City: 100-plus photos of summer days past

Ocean City has been the go-to beach destination for vacationers for generations. Visitors of all ages love the beach town for its sun, surf, sand, boardwalk, entertainment and food. We've dipped into our archives and found an array of O.C. pictures from the past -- from the 1930s to the 1990s....


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'The Keepers' sparks flood of calls to police about 1969 Fort Meade murder


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  • How to pick crabs

    How to pick crabs

    A step-by-step guide to getting the most from your steamed crab. -- Kit Pollard Waskom

  • Maryland crabs

    Maryland crabs

  • Soft-shell crabs

    Soft-shell crabs

    There's no denying that soft-shell crabs are a little weird. They're slimy and slippery when raw. Cooked in a sandwich, their spindly legs and grabby claws poke out from the slices of bread and make some people wonder, "Do you seriously think I'm going to eat that?" Soft crabs are simply blue crabs...

  • Top 10 Baltimore crab decks

    Top 10 Baltimore crab decks

    Traditionally, Baltimoreans don't have their first crab feast until Memorial Day, when they can move the meal outside. The days are longer, and the crabs are fatter. Get to know our favorite Baltimore-area crab decks and patios. Because crabs just taste better when you're sitting outside.  

  • Maryland dishes that feature Old Bay

    Maryland dishes that feature Old Bay

    Three cheers for the yellow, blue and red. Old Bay is celebrating its home-town pride with the Summer of Baytriotism, a summer-long celebration including restaurant promotions, a search for the Voice of Baltimore and the introduction of Blippar, an engaging technology that will allow Baltimoreans...

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  • A smarter way to buy a home

    A smarter way to buy a home

    Are you considering buying a home? With mortgage rates on the slow and steady incline, there may be no better time for a home purchase than now. Mortgage interest rates will likely continue to go up for the foreseeable future, according to recent data from the housing finance company Freddie Mac...

  • The eyes have it: 4 things your eyes may communicate without you knowing it

    The eyes have it: 4 things your eyes may communicate without you knowing it

    Your eyes: you stare with them, wink with them and roll them. You use your eyes to communicate your thoughts and feelings every single day. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your eyes can speak volumes about who you are and what you feel. But could your eyes be sending the wrong message? New findings...

  • What to expect when paying college expenses for multiple kids (Infographic)

    Helping multiple children pay for college? Managing higher education expenses can be a challenge, especially when everything from tuition to housing is multiplied by two, three or more. If you’re looking for a primer on paying for college for several kids, here’s an illustrated guide brought to...