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Route One Apparel launches Old Bay-themed line

Route One Apparel, the local maker of Maryland flag-themed clothing and accessories, said Monday it is teaming up with spicemaker McCormick & Co. to launch a new line featuring another state icon: Old Bay. The company launched a new line of products on Monday featuring the Old Bay logo and its...

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Retro Baltimore Trivia

Retro Baltimore Trivia

Readers: Think you know your Baltimore? Try answering our weekly trivia question. Some weeks will be ridiculously easy, some weeks a bit more challenging. Put your best guess in the “comments” field. Here’s today’s trivia: QUESTION: What role did Baltimore’s Indian Queen Hotel, at Hanover and Baltimore...


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MICA's annual haunted house canceled due to fire code violations, school says


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Maryland Crabs

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  • How to pick crabs

    How to pick crabs

    A step-by-step guide to getting the most from your steamed crab. -- Kit Pollard Waskom

  • Maryland crabs

    Maryland crabs

  • Soft-shell crabs

    Soft-shell crabs

    There's no denying that soft-shell crabs are a little weird. They're slimy and slippery when raw. Cooked in a sandwich, their spindly legs and grabby claws poke out from the slices of bread and make some people wonder, "Do you seriously think I'm going to eat that?" Soft crabs are simply blue crabs...

  • Top 10 Baltimore crab decks

    Top 10 Baltimore crab decks

    Traditionally, Baltimoreans don't have their first crab feast until Memorial Day, when they can move the meal outside. The days are longer, and the crabs are fatter. Get to know our favorite Baltimore-area crab decks and patios. Because crabs just taste better when you're sitting outside.  

  • Maryland dishes that feature Old Bay

    Maryland dishes that feature Old Bay

    Three cheers for the yellow, blue and red. Old Bay is celebrating its home-town pride with the Summer of Baytriotism, a summer-long celebration including restaurant promotions, a search for the Voice of Baltimore and the introduction of Blippar, an engaging technology that will allow Baltimoreans...

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  • Creative arts help veterans reclaim their voice

    Creative arts help veterans reclaim their voice

    For Angela Walker, music was her first love, her passion and her whole identity. "Once a singer, always a singer," she often says. That was true even after she joined the U.S. Navy in 1985. But what happened next forever changed Walker's perspective on what it means to have a voice. When she was...

  • 5 myths keeping millennials in their parents' basements

    Millennials are often called “perennial renters,” yet studies show they are not only planning to own a home one day, but they expect to own multiple throughout their lifetimes. Many people incorrectly assume these “boomerang kids” are moving home due to laziness when they’re actually doing it to...

  • Arts and crafts go online

    Arts and crafts go online

    While it is hard for some to imagine a day without social media, smartphones and Wi-Fi, these were not available a mere 20 years ago. Technology has revolutionized the way we order food, purchase clothes and read books. “Technology used to be considered a separate entity from arts and crafts,” said...