Oakland Mills' Dominick Clarke

Oakland Mills' Dominick Clarke (top) recently dropped from 195 pounds to become the top-ranked 182-pounder in the county. (Noah Scialom, Patuxent Publishing / January 26, 2013)

Well, last week's rankings were made obsolete less than 12 hours after they were published, as the Centennial-Glenelg match saw several upsets. There have also, once again, been several weight class adjustments since last week. So, instead of waiting until this Thursday for everything to get muffed up even further, I'm updating them now.

And don't worry, I'll still update them again on Thursday.

1. Michael Beck, River Hill junior
2. Tim Null, Glenelg sophomore
3. Josh Kendrick, Mt. Hebron freshman
4. Tyler Ponton, Reservoir junior
5. Dakota Thompson, Oakland Mills freshman
6. Romtin Habibi, Marriotts Ridge freshman

1. Taariq Mohammed, River Hill senior
2. Troy Kilcarr, Reservoir sophomore
3. Jeff Hayden, Mt. Hebron sophomore
4. Ronald Hindman, Long Reach senior
5. Noah Polonsky, Wilde Lake junior
6. Chris Winter, Glenelg senior

1. Zach Hensley, Oakland Mills senior
2. Trent Kilcarr, Reservoir sophomore
3. Parker Griffie, Glenelg freshman
4. Ethan Eckley, Wilde Lake senior
5. Nick Williams, Howard sophomore
6. Brandon Wilson, Mt. Hebron junior

1. Daniel Andrews, Wilde Lake senior
2. Patrick Linden, River Hill senior
3. Steven Sung, Mt. Hebron junior
4. Joe Quattrone, Reservoir senior
5. Zack Shackelford, Glenelg junior
6. Josh Pickens, Atholton sophomore

1. Mason Kilcarr, Reservoir junior
2. Lee Carter, River Hill senior
3. Jordan Trinh, Wilde Lake senior
4. Michael Budock, Glenelg junior
5. Bryan Crumback, Howard sophomore
6. Matt Claxton, Oakland Mills sophomore


1. Austin Kraisser, Centennial freshman
2. Ryan Carter, Glenelg senior
3. Hans Wicklein, Reservoir junior
4. Anthony Solis, Hammond sophomore
5. Tyler Anderson, Wilde Lake junior
6. Robert Bruffey, Howard freshman


1. Malik Jackson, Wilde Lake junior
2. Connor Strunk, Mt. Hebron sophomore
3. Hutson Baumann, Centennial junior
4. Austin Pagnotta, Glenelg junior
5. Bradley Montecino, Oakland Mills senior
6. Paul Quattrone, Reservoir junior