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Wrestling: All-Star Teams by Class Year

The All-Howard County wrestling story came out today but like last year, I thought it would be fun to select all-star teams from each class: freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Last year, I combined the freshman and sophomore teams, but that was kind of a cop out.

This year the freshmen and sophomores get their own teams, although picking the all-freshmen team — particularly the upperweights — posed a challenge.

Obviously the seniors would win in an actual dual meet, but the other teams look pretty strong, which is hopefully a sign of good things to come for Howard County wrestling.

I took some liberties with bumping up weight classes, and some of the selections are certainly up for debate. Let me know what you think!

All Freshman team
106: Troy Kilcarr, Re (26 wins, 3rd county)
113: Jeff Hayden, MH (28 wins, 4th county, state qualifier)
120: Bryan Crumback, Ho (5th county)
126: Connor Strunk, MH (29 wins, county finalist, state qualifier)
132: Zach Moody, MR (19 wins, 5th region)
138: Sam Rowell, Re (42 wins, county champ, 5th state)
145: Brian Kirby, RH (25 wins, county finalist)
152: Jaron Smith, OM (30 wins, region finalist, 5th state)
160: Stefan Chavis, MH (10-1 on JV)
170: Steven Petrillo, Re (3rd JV county, District V JV finalist)
182: Austin Day, MH (JV county finalist)
195: Nick Suri, MH (3rd JV county)
220: Jeremy Nelson, Ha (JV county and District V JV champ)
285: Justin Nelson, Ha (11 varsity wins)

All Sophomore team
106: Michael Beck, RH (38 wins, county finalist, state qualifier)
113: Mason Kilcarr, Re (38 wins, county champ, regional finalist)
120: Hans Wicklein, Re (20 wins, 3rd county)
126: Phillip Frazier, A (5th county)
132: Malik Jackson, WL (33 wins, county champ, 4th state)
138: Sameh Boulos, C (4th county)
145: Casey Guthier, RH (county finalist) / Joe Zoller, G (19 wins)
152: Wes Beattie, Re (24 wins, 4th county)
160: Cory Daniel, RH (42 wins, county champ, 6th state)
170: Noah Wright, OM (7th county)
182: Antonio Vogt, MH (18 wins, 5th county)
195: Logan Kirby, RH (34 wins, county champ, state finalist)
220: Ryan Hassan, MH (25 wins, 3rd county)
285: Scott Desautelle, MR (18 wins, 5th county)

All Junior team
106: Zach Hensley, OM (41 wins, county champ, state finalist)
113: Taariq Mohammed, RH (41 wins, 3rd county, 6th state)
120: Jordan Trinh, WL (33 wins, county finalist, state qualifier)
126: Daniel Andrews, WL (18 wins, 3rd county)
132: Jay Johnson, A (5th county)
138: Ryan Carter, G (34 wins, 3rd county, regional finalist)
145: Joe Kendrick, MH (36 wins, 3rd county, 6th state)
152: Pat Mullens, A (28 wins, county champ, state qualifier)
160: Tola Morakinyo, WL (35 wins, county finalist, 3rd state)
170: Bryan Overton, Ha (42 wins, 3rd county, 4th state)
182: Matt Fields, A (32 wins, 3rd county, state qualifier)
195: Humphrey Anuh, Ha (27 wins, county finalist)
220: Adam Satterfield, WL (6th county)
285: Sean Twigg, G (37 wins, county finalist, state champ)

All Senior team
106: Jeff Barbera, MR (31 wins, state qualifier)
113: Alex Polonsky, WL (39 wins, county finalist, region champ, 4th state)
120: Tony Farace, OM (38 wins, county champ, 3rd state, 3-time state champ)
126: Nathan Kraisser, C (36 wins, 4-time county, region and state champ)
132: Wilson Low, Ha (26 wins, 6th county)
138: Codi Parton, MR (23 wins, 6th region)
145: Jonathan Goodwin, Ha (38 wins, region and state finalist)
152: David Ulysse, OM (40 wins, county and region champ)
160: Joey Wysocki, C (5th county)
170: Tyler Asher, G (31 wins, county and region champ)
182: Omar Messallam, RH (43 wins, county and region champ)
195: Glenn Lucas, G (30 wins, county finalist, region champ)
220: Jacob Benedict, RH (42 wins, county and region champ, 4th state)
285: Jason Johnson, RH (46 wins, county and state champ)

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