RH: 5'10.7" (Tallest: 6'5" junior T/DE Charlie Wilson. Shortest: (tie) 5'6" junior SE/CB Jon Matsunaga and senior RB/CB Auctavius Bennett)

Average weight
Ab: 205.3 pounds. (Heaviest: 310-pound Kossakowski. Lightest: 150-pound junior RB/DB Marquis Harris)
RH: 191.2 pounds. (Heaviest: 250-pound senior T/DE Jason Johnson. Lightest: 140-pound Matsunaga)

Point differential
Ab: +225 (394-169, 2 shut outs)
RH: +278 (371-93, 2 shut outs)

What they're saying

Aberdeen first-year coach Johnny Brooks, on River Hill:

"They are what they've always been: tough, well disciplined, very well coached."

On the Hawks players:

"Line play is really exceptional, quarterback (Raamah Vaughn) is very talented, running back (Aaron Wells) is a tough, hard nosed kid, and then the skill kids in the back are very well schooled back there, the safety looks like he knows what he's doing, so they all jump out at me."

On River Hill's schedule:

"We don't really know a lot about Howard County football, but just glancing we know the names River Hill and Atholton stand out a lot. They lost to Atholton earlier in the season, came back and got them, and we did the same thing (against North Harford), we're traveling on similar paths."

On going from a 1-9 season last year to a 10-2 season:

"It's my first year there, so it didn't really turn around to me. Same kids, they had great attitudes so they came out there willing to buy into what we were trying to teach them and my coaching staff did a great job from day one. They just showed support and wanted to win and it's starting to show on the field."

On his players:

"My quarterback (Kenny Faulcon) is doing a great job. This is his first year ever playing quarterback and he's putting up some really great numbers. Running back is ... kind of by committee although one kid is stepping up, Austin Bonsall is running well. Another receiver (in addition to Carpenter) I have, track kid (Chavez Cheatam), he's doing quite well, first year playing since 9th grade, he's a senior as well. The line play has been great, Brenton Barnes up front doing a tremendous job and Anthony Russ, Phillip Peregino, so a lot of people have been doing some great things."

On having to travel 60 miles from Aberdeen to River Hill:

"I'm hoping that it doesn't even weight into it, we were 1-9 last year so we're just glad to be in the dance, whether we're playing home or in the middle or away we're just happy to be where we are. Maybe they'll get a little extra servings (of Thanksgiving dinner) and slow them down a little bit ... We kind of consider ourselves the underdogs, we haven't been in the dance in so long, so we're just happy to be there and we just want to have some fun."