15-18G: 1. Hunter, FH, 38.20; 2. Gretz, WM; 3. McGeehan, WM.

15-18B: 1. Bracken, WM, 32.93; 2. McKissick, WM; 3. Arbaugh, FH.

Free Relays

6-UM: 1. FH (W. Brown, E. Scherock, K. Lee, M.D ale), 2:03.75; 2. FH.

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8-UM: 1. FH (M.Lee, M.Conron, R. Shobert, A. Ferbert), 1:23.84; 2. WM.

9-10G: 1. WM (C. Bishop, M. Cronin, K. Sloan, C. Wenstrand), 2:41.18; 2. FH.

9-10B: 1. WM (J. Diaz, L. Flynn, J. Glover, D. Yienger), 2:40.53; 2. FH.

11-12G: 1. FH (H.Bergquist, M.Baldy, J. Hornor, A. Parisi), 2:35.84; 2. WM.

11-12B: 1. FH (D. Coe, B. Luman, T. Packard, R. Graef), 2:19.43; 2. WM.

13-14G: 1. WM (L. Glover, L. Gretz, C. McKissick, M. Miller), 2:12.12; 2. FH.

13-14B: 1. FH (A. Ewart, A. Coe, A. Abdow, N. Martineau), 2:05.63.

15-18M: 1. WM (E. Hunter, R. Taylor, J. Bednar, D. Bracken), 2:00.25.


Meadowbrook vs. North St. John's

Although the Meadowbrook Tomatoes defeated the North St. John's Blue Marlins in the second week of the Central Maryland Swim League season, the Marlins high some high points.

Kayla Snyder set a record for the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 35. She also took first place in the individual medley, butterfly and backstroke.

Deanna Parsons and Olivia Parsons placed first in all three of their events.

Additional first-place winners were Tharen Rice, Abigail Santoni, Jeffrey Roman and Brooke Hoffman.

The Marlins host Dulaney Saturday, July 9.

North St. John's results: