Invitationals: Clear Spring (Interstate Classic), South Carroll, Gunpowder Falls, Bull Run and Scorpion Crawl.

Oakland Mills

Boys to watch: Senior Austin Sungenis, junior Sam Andrews and Cameron Bowling, sophomores Louie Chaverini, Tom Brumbaugh and Connor Holley.

Girls to watch: Seniors Tiffany Lang, Shamere Law and Caroline Chisolm; juniors Sarah Brand, Alyssa Hemler and Lara Celtnieks

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What you need to know: The Scorpions (28 boys and 15 girls) will be relying on senior leadership this year, and they are providing quality leadership, according to coach Phil Lang. His daughter Tiffany is one of those seniors and one of the top returning girl runners in the county.

The Scorpions have bonded well and support each other. Early in the season, they have been working on building a solid base.

"I think the boys and girls will be competitive this year in the county and at the state level," Lang said.

Oakland Mills hosts the Scorpion Crawl Oct. 10.

Invitationals: Bull Run, Great American (North Carolina) and Scorpion Crawl.


Boys to watch: Seniors Ed Richardson and Brad Carrion; juniors Teddy LaFemina, Adam Gartrell; sophomores Owen Pochettino and Ricardo Rosario; freshman Matthew Jackson.

Girls to watch: Senior Hannah Sheffin; juniors Cindy Alms, Amy Oliver, Emily Miller and Lisa Horowitz; sophomore Katie Wilson; freshman Kate Shumaker.

What you need to know: Both Gator teams (63 runners strong) have depth and youth. "We are using these two goals to focus on the future and overall strength of the program," said coach Phil Rogers. He anticipates that the girls' team could do very well, while the guys' side is an unknown factor.

Invitationals: Running Maryland, Great American, Southern (Bulldog), Knight Invite and Middletown Relays.

River Hill

Boys to watch: Seniors Hashem Hraky, Joe Micili and Reed Stadler; sophomores Terry Tossman and Marshall Demaree; freshman Chris Heydrick.

Girls to watch: Senior LeAnne Young; juniors Angelica Yi, Kelly Maloney, Sherin Menachery; sophomores Lilly Messer and Becca Andersen.

What you need to know: Numbers are on the Hawks' side. Approximately 160 came out for the combined boys and girls teams. After cuts the boys' team has 98 runners and the girls 49. River Hill kept all 58 freshmen who tried out. Coach Earl Lauer expects a productive season that allows a vast number of students to experience what it's like to be on a high school varsity team.

River Hill has a good mix of senior leadership and the team strives to run in a pack.

"Our goal is to finish in the top 3 of both the boys and girls this year," Lauer said.